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Video: Liverpool v. Swansea City Highlights

With everyone's skins a fair bit thinner in the 24 hours since yesterday's draw with Swansea, it's probably best to avoid reliving the collective disappointment. But you know, whatever. Watching Fulham do their best Liverpool impression in the dying minutes at Craven Cottage makes some sort of flashback unavoidable, so we might as well just go full-on exposure therapy. Plus you all proved that you're big boys and girls in the recap thread, managing to avoid the doomsday ranting that's colored much of the post-match reaction.

One of the more prevalent themes to emerge from the discussion is the desire (or, depending on your view, need) for a change in either formation, personnel, or both. So feel free to comment on the moving pictures if you haven't fully bled out yet, but I'm curious to see where folks are at when it comes to their first-choice squad. For me it's a case of mostly echoing a few of you that chimed in over the past day; maybe weakening of the death grip that's keeping Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, and Stewart Downing as locked-on starters, and more chances in the eleven or increased minutes for Dirk Kuyt, Maxi, Craig Bellamy, and Jay Spearing.

And just a caveat if that's a discussion folks are interested in---thinking about or hoping for different options doesn't make you less of a supporter, or mean that you think you're smarter than the people at the club making the decisions. It just means you're interested and have an opinion. Which is okay. Or not, depending if someone disagrees with you.

Also, the video might pop up to a different site, so you'll probably have to hit the play button twice. I'll keep looking for a video that's less annoying in that regard, but I'm afraid you're going to be stuck with Gary Lineker no matter what video I find.

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