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Liverpool 0, Swansea 0: Tomorrow's Hangover Starts Today


The script stays the same, with Liverpool failing to convert the chances they manage to create, except that for once, it wasn't Kenny Dalglish's side dominating the match. Swansea spent large spells of the match on the front foot, taking it to a Liverpool side that failed to put much of anything together prior to the dying minutes. It's the type of match we've been waiting for Liverpool to take over, or humiliate someone, or show the potential that we've mostly only gotten in glimpses so far this season.

That obviously didn't happen, and aside from Andy Carroll crashing one off the bar in the eighth minute and a flurry of late chances, most of which were saved by the impressive Michel Vorm, Liverpool made it pretty clear that they're very much a side in need of significant improvement. It's not necessarily cause for panic, even though everyone telling you to stop panicking might lead you to believe otherwise.

Just because we don't need to panic doesn't mean we can't be pissed off and disappointed that Liverpool aren't in a spot to be winning these types of matches, and, while it's going to feel like forever, maybe now's not such a bad time for the international break. It's going to be an absolute gauntlet in two weeks' time---two trips to Stamford Bridge and a home date with City---and Liverpool will need to have snapped out of their funk by then. But maybe what's most frustrating is that, even with the "bigger" opposition on the horizon, we find ourselves worrying more about the sides Liverpool should expect to beat.

Anyhow, my post-match putzing around led to the opportunity to just blow everything off for the rest of the day, so there won't be any normal recap, but I'll be back tomorrow with something that hopefully won't make you feel like harming yourself. Which rules out highlights from today.

Hope you're able to enjoy the rest of the weekend, try not to tear each other apart in the comments, drink responsibly, wear protection, and etcetera.

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