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Video: José Enrique's Season So Far

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Since we're apparently supposed to start judging players' seasons already, we might as well start with the man that's easily the signing of the new season and has a fair shout to be Liverpool's player of the year thus far. Even better for those that like dollar signs, he wasn't too expensive, which means everyone can use phrases like "value for money" and "astute buy" and "not quite sure what the fuck I'm talking about."

But even if you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground, it'd be hard to miss the fact that José Enrique has been an absolute revelation at left-back, hitting the ground running only 24 hours after signing and never looking back. His performances would be remarkable at any club, but with the struggles Liverpool's had to fill the position with someone that's skilled, experienced, and actually fit, it's proven to be one of the most encouraging aspects of the club's season. There's plenty of season left to play, but nine games in, it's hard not to marvel at the body of work (or, given his proclivity for tight-fitting shirts, just the body) he's put together.

**Video courtesy of reggiOMarcJFT96