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The Week in Comments: "Here I Go, Here I Go, Here I Go"


We haven't been shy about how much we appreciate the community around here---there's a healthy balance of the thoughtful and the ridiculous, and the frequent discussions that occur throughout the week glean some of the more enjoyable Liverpool-focused reading to be found. So in a detour from the normal posting, we're taking a break to celebrate some of the week's better efforts; limiting it to ten does a disservice to the myriad of quality (and sometimes lengthy) contributions we get on a regular basis, but here's a sampling of what we got this week.

"i love carroll and think thatd work well, but im leaning towards the mobile front 3 of bellers, suarez and kuyt. the reason is terry/luiz or terry/alex are about as athletic and physical a cb pairing as there is, so if you give them carroll to tee off on, i think you're playing to their strengths a bit. whereas with 3 hornets buzzin around it just makes life more difficult for them, plus itll keep those attacking fbs in check all game."

---latortillablanca, Tea and Crumpets with We Ain’t Got No History

"Most important factor for the Reds:
We've gotta pack the midfield, and Dirk has to start. Right?

Most important factor for the me:
I've gotta figure out what to drink."

---TomFoolery, Match Preview: Liverpool v. Chelsea, 11.20.11

"YES!YES! YYYYEEEESSS! GAHHHAHAHAHAH! I no longer have a shirt, and my laptop might be broken. Whateverz, we scored. YES!"

---kenny, Matchday: Liverpool v. Chelsea

"Enjoying this victory but all those Chelsea fans will be taking out their Man City shirts and wanting revenge next game!"

---LuisSuarezDentist, Liverpool 2, Chelsea 1: Back in Form for the Big Occasion

"I can't stop laughing, I keep picturing that Johnson is actually seeing the field and the players with the orange highlighted areas and the arrows.

*big ass orange square appears outta nowhere*

here I go here I go here I go"

---Ryan, Deconstructing Glen Johnson's Goal v. Chelsea

"I'd rather be castrated with a silly straw than give John Terry credit, but his run - not met by Dirk, who I assume was getting a firmware update from SkyNet - opened the entire play up. If he wasn't the John Kreese of World Football, Terry's run would make a great example of "creating space" to show the kiddies. And Andy Carroll."

---NotTooXabi, Deconstructing Daniel Sturridge's Goal v. Liverpool

"In the compound-word-loving parlance of the times, Sk-Agger > Carr-Agger > Sk-arragher.

That is all."

---redtrev73, Video: Martin Skrtel v. Chelsea

"Noel's Thanksgiving piece gives us Charles Graham Adam. The subconscious mind is a powerful influence on behaviour.

My shiny new 442 Stats Zone powered by Opta for Iphone has a graphical stat called "player influence" that shows a pitch with the players names. The size of the letters represents the relative influence on the game for each teams players. The location on the pitch of the name I'm assuming is the average position. The last three games have Adam's name with the biggest, baddest letters."

---JPR, Charlie Adam Stats Pack

"I just... No contest. our lineup against Chelsea was like a wet dream. Give me that again. Maxi, Bellamy, Kuyt... I want that as our side against City. Let the players who sat have a chance in the Cup. Liverpool belongs in the Champions League. Pass and move, red men."

---ShedYourYellow, Poll: League or Cup? Who Starts, and Which is the Priority?

"That was the Twitter version of a Lucas tackle. Studs down, no yellow. Cleanly."

---ReadLiverpoolFC, Petty Lips Aren't Helpful...and Other Friday Notes

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