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Poll: Grading the Owners' First Year

This time last year, Liverpool were in the midst of one of the most significant off-pitch events in their recent history. It was a relatively important time for us here at the blog as well---we were around right at the start on October 5th, as things progressed throughout the day, when things really took off late that night and into the next morning, and as the dust settled and we finally had a clearer picture of who was actually involved.

And as changes occurred throughout the season, particularly the return of Kenny Dalglish and the successes Liverpool experienced as things wrapped up, it was clear that there was a shift in the way the club were doing business. Things tightened up both on and off the pitch, and the general consensus was that Liverpool were getting back to the way they used to conduct themselves.

There's been a fair bit of discussion about the manner in which the new owners integrated themselves into the club---Noel highlighted this back in April---and they seem to have conducted themselves very well and faded into a peripheral role as their tenure progressed. For many, the contrast between the current owners and the previous ones make this an easy task; Tom Hicks and George Gillett were ushered out before their status as the two-headed antichrist could be confirmed, and we've seen the exact opposite from the new boys since last October.

So maybe it's good enough that they're not from Texas, or that they haven't tried to sign any rap artists (which is mostly an oxymoron anyway), or that they haven't conducted any interviews with an imaginary place just off their left shoulder. I mean, they couldn't be any worse, could they?

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