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Video: Liverpool v. West Brom Full Highlights

The insanity of Arsenal going to Stamford Bridge and beating Chelsea 5-3 may have taken up a solid plurality of Match of the Day yesterday, leaving the runtime a little light when it came to Liverpool versus West Brom and so robbing us of the chance to watch highlights of Charlie Adam trying out his special edition Adidas FlubberZero boots, but for the time being it's the best we've got. And at least the commentary isn't quite as ridiculously biased as the ESPN UK feed that was also seen by American viewers on Fox Soccer, where the announcers openly rooted for Roy Hodgson while bemoaning an unjust world.

So until an every touch compilation of Lucas bossing midfield comes along. Or until a compilation of Suarez being Suarez comes along. Or even until one highlighting the most assured performance in years from a shockingly dominant Martin Skrtel pops up. Well, until then, it'll have to do. You might want to hit stop when the actual highlights end, though, as we won't be held responsible if you try to stab Hodgson through your screen when he's given the chance to pontificate on proceedings.

p.s.: Backheel backheel backheel backheel. Back heel. Back-heel? Any way you want to slice and dice it…

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