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Video: Luis Suarez v. Norwich

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In a match that saw Liverpool create 25 chances and only take one, it's hard to say that one of those responsible for converting chances was the star man. But it's undeniable that, save for finding the net, Luis Suarez has few peers in terms of the ability to absolutely terrorize the opposition's defense. The inability to find the final product takes away much of the sheen from another dynamite display from the Uruguayan, and unfortunately he's again tasked with answering questions about going to ground too easily. Combined with his tendency to fly off the handle, he's an easy target for supporters of other clubs whenever he hits the turf.

But as a Liverpool supporter, watching him most of the time is an absolute joy. He rarely relents, darting across the forward line and trying to create something nearly every time he touches the ball. Things may be dry right now, and some have even criticized his performance yesterday for lack of cutting edge, but you get the sense it's only a matter of time before he starts finishing.

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