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Video: Steve Rotheram Brings Hillsborough Debate to Parliament

Most will be aware of Monday's historic Hillsborough debate in parliament and that it seems a massive step towards the truth winning out has finally been taken, a shifting mood in the halls of power at last giving hope that after far too long justice—or at the very least some kind of closure—might be within sight. Some will also have read transcripts of the many moving speeches on the day, from those with Liverpool ties as well as from MPs with connections to both Nottingham Forest, Liverpool's opponents at Hillsborough, and to Sheffield where the match was scheduled to take place. It seems worthwhile in any case to share video of Steve Rotheram's entire opening address to parliament for the many who will not have had a chance to see it at the time.

There is very little to be added through excessive introductory commentary. In full, the speech is quite long, running nearly thirty minutes. It is inarguably necessary viewing for both those who follow the club as well as for anyone with the slightest interest in the truth of Hillsborough. It follows bellow the fold.

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