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Roy The Unsackable, and Other Thursday Notes

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Well, Roy Hodgson hasn't been sacked yet, and Nate says that Jim Boardman says that BBC News is saying on the television box that he won't be leaving today. Meanwhile, I'm not sure I can add all that much to what I said earlier, and to be honest, despite my talk of not getting my hopes up for fear of being horribly disappointed, I got my hopes up. And now that he's still here I find myself horribly disappointed.

What's that, you say? Some twit or other reports authoritatively and with full confidence that tomorrow will be the day? Oh, you're a cruel one. Cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel...

* With my doppelgänger in a hospital bed under orders to not allow any visitors, another Tuesdays With Roy seems unlikely for the moment at least. Besides, at the post-Blackburn press conference Roy Hodgson only answered three questions before cutting things short when reporters wouldn't stop asking about his future with the club. The official site managed to squeeze his "verdict" in amongst all the dubious transfer rumours, though somehow they left out the part where he said Liverpool's defeat was down to being too offensive. Because the answer to Roy's away woes is always to defend deeper, tighter, and with even greater conviction.

* This is Anflied, who only last night were twattering that their sources said he was gone already, now has to ask why FSG hasn't sacked Hodgson yet. Maybe because they've managed to line up Andre Villas-Boas for a midseason move, somehow prying him away from a title run in Portugal, and are just finishing up the details so that he can be revealed an hour before kick-off on Sunday? Because yeah, short of that it's truly bizarre that than man who was Liverpool's manager yesterday is still the manager today. To be perfectly honest, if all that happens is this mess gets dragged out until United, or until Blackpool, or Jeebus help us all until Everton, just to have Dalglish step in when he could have done so after the last Everton match--you know, that debacle when Hodgson came out and said it was just a fantastic performance--I will be somewhat annoyed.

* And when the shit hits the fan, you can always count on an essay from Tomkins. As usual, he doesn't fail to deliver, so if you hadn't already noticed a new piece of his had gone up, well... I suppose I just told you, then, didn't I?

Within three games of last season, just months after Liverpool’s best league campaign for two decades, the knives were out for Benítez. (Apologies to those who bristle when I mention the Spaniard, but try as I might, I see no way of writing about this season without comparing it to the recent past. And as the mass media keep blaming him, his name is being brought up by pretty much everyone.) [Noel: I'm looking at you, Garry fucking Birtles]

In the end, he was replaced, after the team finished 7th. Of course, there was more to it than that, but in almost all of the media post-mortems, the league position was deemed unacceptable for the squad at the manager’s disposal, and his time had been called in the press and on TV since the autumn of 2009. The same people telling us this were largely those who believed Roy Hodgson was the answer. Well, some of us didn’t believe it then, and certainly don’t now.

I'd say that things are starting to get ridiculous, but we shot that horse and turned it into glue a long time ago, so in the meantime...

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