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Matchday: Liverpool v. Blackburn

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Kickoff from Ewood Park at 20:00 GMT and 3:00 EST.

Ways to Watch:

Match not shown live in the UK, but it is on Fox Soccer Plus in the US.


Johnson Kyrgiakos Skrtel Konchesky
Maxi Gerrard Lucas Cole
Ngog Torres

Bench: Gulacsi, Agger, Kelly, Kuyt, Poulsen, Babel, Jovanovic

Nice to see the return of Paul Konchesky. Oh, wait, no it's not, particularly when it's accompanied by Fabio Aurelio going completely missing from the squad (hopefully not another fitness issue?). If there's ever been a recipe for hoofing, this is it---no Daniel Agger at the back is maybe understandable after an extended layoff, but the Kyrgiakos-Skrtel pairing doesn't bode well for Liverpool doing that moving forward with the ball thing. Dirk Kuyt's on the bench with Agger, and the front six is more or less what we expected---Joe Cole starting is probably the relative surprise, but it's actually no surprise given how confident he is.


Salgado Samba Nelsen Givet
Hoilett Dunn Pedersen Olsson Benjani
MB Diouf

Bench: Fielding, EH Diouf, Linganzi, Doran, Goulon, Hanley, Morris

In the run-up:

On a platter, and first noted by redtrev yesterday in the comments section of the preview, hypocrisy and contradiction, submitted for your approval by Roy Hodgson, interspersed with commentary from Roy Hodgson. Also chiming in to clarify things a bit is Roy Hodgson. Because that makes about as much sense as anything else:

"The goal will do a lot for him, but he's quite confident at the moment. Everyone at the club has worked hard to make sure he does not take it too hard and take too much on himself. He is quite happy to take responsibility, but sometimes players like that can take too much on themselves and push themselves even further down. He suffers when things are not going his way. Joe is a very confident player. Joe is not a naturally confident character. Why that is should be asked of Joe. I would be sad to hear him suggest he is not playing in his right position, because he would be suggesting he can’t do what he has done so often in the past for England and Chelsea, which is playing in a different position.

"But, of course, one of the things he knows he will be criticised for, I guess, is that he doesn't score enough goals. If we think of his time here at Liverpool, we can all think of goal chances which were there to be taken which he didn't. I'm sure he is delighted to have put that behind him by scoring a very, very important winning goal against Bolton. He has to make sure whenever he gets a chance he takes it because there is competition up there. He should be convincing me and everyone watching that he is a player who can help Liverpool win things and I think you could not say that has been the case so far. I have not lost faith in him in any way. He always thinks he is playing well, so he doesn't have any great worries about that side of things."

Of course, this is all just a paradoxical mind-f*ck that leads to the eventual TWR showdown, but for now I suppose you can take solace in knowing that nothing makes sense to anyone.

Except maybe those Australians.

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