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Liverpool's Last 24 Hours, In Pictures

Or: An open thread, 'cause the last one's getting too damn full...

Last 24 1
Torres may have asked Liverpool to consider Chelsea's offer?
Eh, seems unlikely, and they might still land Suarez, which
would make Torres super-happy and stuff...

Last 24 2
Holy fuck, Torres and Suarez together at LFC?!
I am somewhat moderately excited by this concept and
would like to subscribe to your newsletter...

Last 24 3
And while I'm at it, god bless those magnificent bastards at FSG
for coming through in the clutch. I may have had doubts for a while there,
but seriously, you guys fucking rock...
Last 24 4
Wait, reputable journos like Tony Barrett and Rory Smith
are saying Torres might actually want out?
Fuck. That. Noise. Not a chance...
Last 24 5
Oh, hey there, Chelsea...
Last 24 6
But still, I mean, no way would Torres actually hand in
a written request with three days left in the window...
Last 24 7
Oh. Damn.

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