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Fernando Torres Transfer Request Rejected

From the official site:

Liverpool FC have confirmed that Fernando Torres has on Friday evening submitted a transfer request. The request has been rejected.

The Club said in a statement: "Fernando Torres tonight submitted a written transfer request, which has been rejected by Liverpool.

"Fernando is under long-term contract and the Club expect him to honour the commitment he made to Liverpool FC and its supporters when he signed the agreement."

Well, that looks like that, then.

The promises made in early January were clearly either untrue at that time or so fragile that even the return of Kenny Dalglish and something resembling positive football couldn't rectify his concerns. It obviously hurts, as Torres has increasingly became the face of Liverpool over the past few seasons---he's proclaimed his love for the city, for the club, and for the supporters since he arrived, and he always came back to refute rumors of an exit. Not today.

I'm going to eat, drink, and then drink more, and I'll likely be back later to drunkenly expand on the reaction. For now go ahead and leave your thoughts below---but what this won't turn into is a hate-fest for Torres, the club, or anyone else who has reactions that might be tethered to the situation. Not that this has happened in any capacity around these parts at any point, but people have feelings and shit.

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