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Luis Suarez Joins LFC

So, people, turns out you can stop burning those Torres shirts in the street, as Chelsea coming in with a bid Liverpool could never accept with four days left in the January market even if Roman Abramovich had added a one to the front of it meant--and means--Torres isn't leaving in the January market, full stop. And now the club has officially announced a deal with Ajax to acquire Luis Suarez for just over 26 million Euros, or about 22 million pounds. Which is, you know, kind of a signal of intent. The sort of intent I recall a few complaining the club weren't showing even when the Hodgson situation at the start of the month had possibly suggested a little patience might be in order. Well, on with the show, then. Lots of video to drool over is below the fold...

Since Torres is staying, and now Suarez is coming, how about we turn those sportswear bonfires into roasted marshmallow-cooking celebration bonfires? Sound good? And all it took was for me to spend a foolish amount of time putting together one of my old school attempts at a weighty tactics post that I haven't done in a little while--because they're pains in the ass to write and edit and take twice as much time per word as anything else I put up--so that it could immediately be buried by Torres fears and Suarez revelations. Well, hell, if I'd known that's all it would take to land the fiesty Uruguayan, I would have done it sooner.

But anyhow, Suarez is here, so let's all get oiled up and dance to techno! Oh, wait, that's just the obligatory soundtrack to his Youtube Top 50 Goals video. Well, that's good, too:

And, because goal compilations don't really tell you a lot, for those with more time here are three "every touch in the match" compilations, the first against poor sisters of the Dutch league Den Haag, the second against Dutch champions FC Twente, and the third against AC Milan in the Champions League. Just so that you can have all your bases covered:

There, now you know who Luis Suarez is. And Luis Suarez is now a Liverpool player. Did I say "Woo!" yet?

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