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Transfer Pollin': Liverpool's #1 Must Have

The transfer window's winding down already, though it feels like just yesterday Liverpool was getting hammered by Wolves at home and I was writing poor Conrad knock-offs to cope with Hodgson's continuing employment. But back to the transfer window, and today's poll question: If you could force one transfer through, at which position does the squad most need strengthening if it is to move up the table and see success in Europe?

In all likelihood everybody would agree that Luis Suarez would be the biggest name, and likely the best player, that Liverpool seem to have a shot at landing before January ends and only Harry Redknapp is allowed to make any more transfers. However, while he might well also be the best acquisition to move the club forward short term, it's possible that some lesser name at a position of greater need should be the club's first priority instead. So, trying to stick to the question of what Liverpool needs the most to improve short term--and not who the best player or biggest name signing would be--at what position would you push a transfer through if you had it within your power?

Center Back: In players like Ayala, Wilson, and Kelly the club may have quality for the future, but with Carragher slowing and Skrtel's continuing dip in form, there are some who believe a top-class partner for Agger is needed right now. Some would say that amongst all the other options a serviceable pairing must exist, and that while a world class center back would never be unwanted, it's hardly a priority. Though there were some rumblings about bringing in Mertersacker to fill this role early in the transfer window--even if at the time it was thought he would be a replacement for Agger instead of to compliment him--things have gone fairly quiet on this front lately.

Left Back: Liverpool's eternal weakness, even if Aurelio is class when fit and Johnson has looked borderline capable against a couple of sides that haven't put much pressure on him. The question remains whether an injury risk, two right backs in Johnson and Kelly, and--shudder--Paul Konchesky make up a capable stable for the left back position. With bigger names like Fabio Coentrao seemingly off the table for January, the most likely solution would be to get Stephen Warnock back on loan. He might not be a world beater, but if he's more reliable than Konchesky he still might be exactly what Liverpool need, at least in the short term.

Midfielder: As has been seen since Steven Gerrard's suspension, the midfield position might actually be a little thin if we're going to play a 4-3-3, with Poulsen being the only obvious back up for the holding position and a choice of Spearing or Shelvey being preferred for the more advanced roles. Perhaps Joe Cole could do a job somewhere, too, but on the evidence he's either permanently lacking fitness or Dalglish favours Jay Spearing over him. So while the starting three of Lucas, Meireles, and Gerrard might be good enough to do the job for just about any team, there is a question of whether Liverpool needs more quality in depth

if they're to make a sustained push up the table and towards glory in the Europa League. At present, Charlie Adam--who is likely more suited to one of the two advanced roles than the more holding role--seems the most likely option.

Forward: Though in the current system with one out and out striker the need for immediate back up to Fernando Torres may have been lessened, it might still be nice to have options. There's also the issue of various calls for wingers or wide forwards to provide support, with many believing that Kuyt and Maxi aren't long term solutions week in and week out. On the other hand, as much as the rumoured Luis Suarez might be the biggest name out there and would surely improve both the quality from wide and the depth at center forward, seeing as he can play nearly anywhere in attack, one has to wonder if this indeed Liverpool's area of greatest need.

Other: Because if you want to sign a new backup keeper you should be allowed to make an ass of yourself and tell us about it in the comment section. Or maybe you'd rather take the chance to talk about the Monitor and the Merrimack, or other famous naval battles. Or, you know, whatever floats your boat.

None: And, um, because polls need a "none of the above" option to be proper polls?

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