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Roy and Mister Alex Sitting in a Tree


Right, they're long-time friends, best of pals, etcetera and so forth. I suppose I can understand that, intellectually. But when the fans hate you and the owners have publicly talked about replacing you, is it really a good idea to have a public make-out session with the hated rival from down the road when you both find yourselves at the Wigan v. Newcastle match? Well, that's exactly what Hodgson did today, approaching the United manager for a long and friendly chat that ended in the above embrace. I'd say that perhaps he knows he's out the door before Wednesday's game against Blackburn, but he was watching the match today with Comolli, ostensibly scouting potential January targets, which just takes us back to standard Hodgsonia: the unfailing ability to do or say the absolute dumbest thing possible for any given place and time. And seemingly never pay a price for it.

I think the pair watching on the right just about sums things up.

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