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Rumours of Dalglish's Imminent Return

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Dirk and Kenny

It's Sunday; it's quiet. Everybody's out snowing the yard or mowing the driveway, or whatever it is you're supposed to do on January 2. That and it's hard to take a great deal of meaning away from the match that wasn't already covered by Ed in yesterday's write up. As has been said on the few occasions Liverpool's looked a touch more interested--not to mention tactically aware--wake me up when it becomes a habit instead of a one off. The big difference this time around is that Hodgson did the whole blaming the fans thing before the new year rolled around and probably can't salvage things fully even if Liverpool play higher up the pitch, press, and keep the ball on the ground while showing a bit of passion game in and game out for the rest of the season.

So yeah, I guess we could talk about Carlton Cole and Matthew Upson rumours? Because when you've got N'Gog and Kyrgiakos already filling supporting roles at least as well as the potential incomings could hope to, it makes a tonne of sense to pay the English premium for a pair that wouldn't in any way improve the quality of the squad. Unless Roy Hodgson is sticking around and is in charge of transfers, neither makes a lick of sense, so let's just agree it ain't gonna happen and move on? I mean, unless it actually does happen, implying that Roy Hodgson actually is sticking around long term and is in charge of transfers. Then we can swear a bit and throw shit. Or something.

In the meantime, a more interesting rumour starting to do the rounds--and from more reliable sources than your Tribal Footballs and the like--is that Henry and Fenway Sports Group (formerly NESV), in the wake of Friday's leak about an active search for a new manager, may be shifting on the idea of bringing in a caretaker. Bringing in a Villas-Boas, Sanchez Flores, Emery, Deschamps, or Klopp may understandably take until the summer*, but with Hodgson's final alienation of the supporters there is speculation that FSG knows they can't wait that long--hence the leak on Friday--even after a better performance all around versus Bolton. And of course, when it comes to Liverpool and potential caretakers, there's really only one name on everybody's mind.

Which all means that, if those in the know are to be believed, Dalglish is now a real possibility to step in and try to salvage a respectable finish. Making the right long-term appointment is obviously paramount, but with the stratification of European football it should go without saying that it is also hugely important that the club manage a respectable final position if Henry et al. intend to be in a position to challenge for the top four next season, and if those currently unemployed and available are not considered the right men for the job--with Benitez and Rijkaard being the biggest remaining names that come to mind--then it's not as though Dalglish could do any worse than Hodgson in the short term. At the very least it would fire up the supporters, which is more than one could say for Roy Hodgson managing Carlton Cole into February.

Well, unless he was doing so at West Ham. Maybe as part of a co-manager and vaudeville act with Martin O'Neil, where Roy can rub his face while Martin bounces around like a squirrel on crack. That would be wonderful entertainment for anybody who didn't consider himself a Hammer.

* You say "Coyle," I say "Meh." Coyle? Meh. Coyle? Meh.

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