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Chalkboards, Chalkboards, Agger, and Chalkboards

Breakfast 01

Does a "Goodbye, Blue Monday" joke work following a draw like yesterday's? Not really? Drat. Oh well, on with the show.

There was absolutely nothing, not even nothing. And then there was this great big bang. And that's where all this crap came from...

* It's charts and chalkboards over at OYB,

as with the continuing lack of tangible results Liverpool bloggers everywhere are left to pick at any positive signs and hope it all comes together damn soon. In this case, the positives signs come from dissecting both matches against Everton this season and comparing the results to find tangible proof of a move towards a more pressing, possession-based game under Dalglish. Nate also points out that despite the signs of progress, this is very much still the season from hell. Because it is. If this keeps up, they may have to think of replacing "You'll Never Walk Alone" above the gates with something more appropriate.

Breakfast 02

* While we're on a run of chalkboards, Zonal Marking gets into the specifics of the Everton match and the 4231/433 employed by Liverpool in it. When it (occasionally) comes to off-pitch matters regarding Liverpool, Zonal Marking can make you want to pull your hair out, and he nearly loses it at the start this time around by claiming Meireles had one of his best games for Liverpool yesterday (before saying he didn't create anything in the advanced playmaker position that isn't his natural one), but the man does know his tactics. On the whole, then, if you aren't sure you have a handle on it already, this latest piece will help you come to grips with the system Dalglish appears intent on employing for his second stint with the club. And if you've already got that grip, it's an interesting look at the specific movement of some of the players involved in yesterday's derby.

* Meanwhile, Daniel Agger appears to be a safe bet to be with Liverpool past the end of the transfer window. Sigh, relief, breath, deep, etcetera:

Per Steffensen, Agger's representative, has dismissed suggestions that the 26-year-old could quit Merseyside before the window shuts at the beginning of next month and claims that Dalglish has outlined his vision to the defender in a meeting between the pair.

“Kenny Dalglish thinks a lot about Daniel and has made that clear to him in a meeting," he said.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any chalkboards of the meeting where Dalglish outlined that vision of Agger's role in the side.

Breakfast 03

In the meantime, if you haven't had enough charts and chalkboards, I suppose you could always just read the Meireles piece from earlier today again. For the rest of you, with deep regret at not being able to find a clip of Everton set to it...

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