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Pre-Season Poll: Where Will Liverpool Finish?

Rather than post anything that requires actual thought, I've decided to give myself a break today and post a poll instead. Look, you don't know how difficult it was for me yesterday to adjust to the new commenting system. I had to type in a username AND a password, and then respond to people. Just when you think you've got it all figured out.

Anyhow, the banner question is quite simple: where do you think Liverpool will finish? The last few weeks have been unnervingly positive around Liverpool parts, and the performance across two legs of the Rabonitcki tie have inspired some confidence (or at least as much confidence as a 4-0 agg. win against Rabotnicki can). Whether or not that early confidence and optimism translates into a solid league showing might be another thing all together.

So obviously do the poll thing, but I'm also interested in hearing why you think Liverpool will finish where you picked. I suppose that "Liverpoo R sh*t an will finsh laaaaaast LOL" is viable justification, but I guess I'd also be interested in something that resembles actual thought, even if you think this isn't the year Liverpool get back to good. It's been great to have folks commenting regularly and discussing some of the main issues around the club, and my hope is that it can continue throughout the season.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Where Will Liverpool Finish This Season?online survey

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