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New Commenting System

Hi everyone (yes, three people count as "everyone"),

Just a quick note to let you know that the new commenting system has taken effect on the blog as of today to try to curb the gradual robot uprising that's sweeping through blog commenting systems everywhere.

It doesn't entirely remove your ability to keep your identity a secret---there's still plenty of ways to combine your initials and birthdate or favorite number to form a username that can be monitored by the government in case you use phrases like "there's uranium hidden in my pants" or "the sharks and Jupiter are uniting as one in an assault on humanity."

If you're a grandparent you can still post something by typing and entering an email and username. But if your life is dominated by social media, cleverly misspelled words, and exclamation points, you can link up with your Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, or Yahoo! account.

Go ahead, test it out. Just don't type anything about the launch codes you keep in your treehouse, JBone1987.

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