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The Offside Bloggers' Liverpool Predictions

Meant to post this earlier, but after yesterday, it's a new season anyway!

You might remember a few days back when I mentioned that a good number of the Premier League Offside bloggers shared their predictions for how the league campaign will shake out. The end product of that effort, led by Jack at Chelsea Offside, was posted in full on Friday and turned out to be a pretty impressive piece of work.

Jack also made sure to share the predictions others had for each of the clubs that participated, so that's what you're about to read. Mine's in here as well---I stand by my 3rd place prediction---along with a few names that you'll recognize if you've been around the site much. All make good points, but sadly none can predict a table for sh*t. Unless I can't predict a table for sh*t, in which case I'll have to reassess things.

Onto the predictions:

Martin, Arsenal Offside

“Most people will probably pick them to stay out of the top 4, but I think a healthy Aquilani, the addition of Joe Cole and Christian Poulsen, and Hodgson’s sensible management are going to make this team a lot better than people think.”

Prediction: 4th

Ed, Liverpool Offside

"Great potential here for supporters' souls to be absolutely shattered--much better than last season, still not the first to number 19."

Prediction: 3rd

Thad, Man City Offside

"Gerrard and Torres still might be when healthy the two best players in England, and Joe Cole will help. Certainly Liverpool have a decent chance of climbing back into the top four. And if the ownership change goes through, that will be a game changer. The guess here is that doesn't get completed in time to have a major impact this transfer window, and that after starting fine Hodgson's men will begin to fade once they start to pick up injuries."

Prediction: 6th

Chris99, Spurs Offside

"This choice was a little bit difficult. New look Liverpool or Cash Cow Citeh. In the end, The Reds reigned king (of 5th place). Much like the Mexican duo of Chicharito and Gio, I think Joe Cole is going to have a spectacular year. My only worries is a defense which has been left untouched and the very real possibility of Hodgson's complete and utter failure due to distractions concerning ownership."

Prediction: 5th

Martin, West Ham Offside

"7th last season was a real disappointment, but with the golden touch of Roy Hodgson, perhaps this year can be Top 4 again. Joe Cole for Yossi, even swaps as far as I am concerned. The Reds need fire power, buying Carlton Cole could help a lot, but if they can’t get him, and they need a January signing."

Prediction: Out of the top 6

Matilda, Bolton Offside

"I think things will look up a bit for Liverpool with the arrival of Roy Hodgson, but not enough to make a difference. They'll have to wait til next season to see real change."

Prediction: 5th

EDR, West Brom Offside

"Roy Hodgson, as opposed to Joe Cole, is the key to Liverpool’s season being a successful one. For TWBB, Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea are competing for the title, whilst Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham are competing for fourth – of that mini-league’s managers, Hodgson is number one; on experience and know-how."

Prediction: 4th

Jack, Chelsea Offside

"I am a Roy Hodgson fan. I'll admit that. This Liverpool side, not so much. The club is basically up for auction; that can't be good for stability. They have Lucas Leiva. And they feature only one top-class striker on the books. Is he even fit? Yeah, and they've just signed Christian Poulsen. Not exactly a signing to breathe life back into Anfield. That Jovanovic cat, though? He can play. "

Prediction: 6th

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