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Anfield Moments: Liverpool v. Arsenal

Just a few to whet the appetite...

Or to send you into a fit of rage.

Some painful moments at Anfield when Arsenal comes to visit, but some moments of unbridled joy as well. A sampling, then:

Michael Thomas Wins the League Title at the Death

Objectively speaking, one of the great moments in top flight history. From the perspective of a Liverpool fan, absolute heartbreak. I don't wanna talk about it. Worth watching the entire clip, though---it's like a ten minute test of endurance. You know what's coming, you don't want to see it, but you'll watch anyway.

Xabi Alonso's First at Anfield

Let's fast forward a few years for a better moment---can't catch it in the clip, but great build-up, Gerrard's layoff, and an arrowed strike for Xabi Alonso to break his Anfield duck. Fantastically, it wasn't even the moment of the match.

Neil Mellor Wins It, Breaks Martin Tyler's Brain

One of the best Liverpool goals in recent memory, and the best goal Neil Mellor will score if he lives to play 10 more lifetimes. An absolute scorching strike out of nothing to win it with one of the final kicks of the match---rarely do you see a side so absolutely deflated as Arsenal were after this one. If it wasn't for Steven Gerrard's Olympiakos heroics and the miracle in Istanbul, this would have been the goal of the season. Goodness.

Arsenal Hit Six in the Carling Cup

Sure, it's the Carling Cup, but the last time Liverpool shipped six at Anfield was, unofficially, 1930 against Sunderland. Plus we get Andy Gray in vintage Andy Gray form, talking about how he was going to predict something that was going to happen after it happened. This was a comprehensive lashing by the London side just three days after they had defeated the Reds 3-1 in the FA Cup. Not one of the better efforts we've seen.

Peter Crouch Hat-Trick, Liverpool 4-1

Fast forward to 1:10 for Crouchie's brilliance in Liverpool's last league win against Arsenal in 2007. Hard to believe it's been that long, but a fantastic day for the big man as he netted with his right foot, left foot, and his head.

Champions League Quarterfinal: Liverpool 4 (5), Arsenal 2 (3)

There's so many things I love about this clip---mostly the way I watched the second half---I was in class and had to record the stream on my laptop, and once class let out I dashed to my office, picked up the computer, got in my car, and fired up the video in the passenger seat. One of the only times I've had the patience to watch a recorded version without checking the score, and it almost resulted in my Honda climbing a tree. So many great moments---Hyypia's equalizer, Torres gets the go-ahead with a sublime turn and shot, Walcott's unbelievable pace to push Arsenal ahead in the tie. Dodgy penalty for the eventual winner, but an absolutely breathless match. This one was on my DVR for a year until I moved, and I'm pretty sure my buddy still has it.

Andrey Arshavin 4, Liverpool 4

You know what you can do with that finger? And that f***ing shoulder shrug? My god, I've never been so pissed off watching someone celebrate a goal. Some brilliant goals by the Russian, yes. But infuriating stuff after he scored them. A few to pick out on the Liverpool side as well, although this was the one that signaled an end to Liverpool's title intentions after a great March of 2009.

Nothing quite as dramatic last year, although Arshavin did hit another rocket to win it for Arsenal. As I mentioned, it's been over three years since Liverpool defeated Arsenal in a league match---these dramatics are fantastic, but I'd take 1-0 ugly.

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