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Season Review 2009-2010: Moment of the Year


Liverpool 2, Manchester United 0

I have to say that this one really surprised me---the season was, at times, so disappointing, so disheartening, so bad that I couldn't see past some sort of defining moment that was unquestionably negative.

And to be fair, it was damned close, but you optimistic bastards won out in the end.

Moment of the Year Poll Results:

Liverpool 2, United 0 (Three Straight v. United): 34%
Sunderland 1, Liverpool 0 (The Beach Ball): 29%
Liverpool Third in Group E (Out of CL): 6%
Liverpool 1, Villa 0 (Torres at the Death): 6%
Portsmouth 2, Liverpool 0 (Really, Really Bad): 6%

So it's a positive memory that will stick with most of you, and I'll manage to take it with me as well. It wasn't 4-1 at Old Trafford, and it wasn't something that decided much of anything, but it was a classic Liverpool victory. Enjoy.

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