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From Liverpool to Madrid: Like That One Bible Story


You know, the one where those people go to that place.

Except with cush planes, trains, and automobiles instead of sand, rock, and plagues.

Liverpool leave town today, traveling to Madrid for the first leg of their semi-final match-up with Atletico in decidedly unconventional fashion. The eruption at Eyjafjalla Glacier has obviously wreaked havoc on the travel plans of hundreds of thousands of European travellers, and brought with it some pretty fantastic nature porn. For Rafa and company, though, the nature porn will be little consolation, as the scheduled itinerary has the club making a journey that will clock in at just over 24 hours. From the Echo:

Tuesday 13:04 The Liverpool squad begin their trek to Madrid from Runcorn

Tues 14:56 Coach transfer to St Pancras from Euston to catch Eurostar to Paris

Tues 19:47 Arrive in Paris for overnight stay

Wednesday 07:10 Liverpool take train from Paris to Bordeaux

Weds 13:30 Liverpool reach their destination, just over 24 hours after leaving Runcorn. Now they just need to win and get back to Burnley by Sunday lunchtime!

I'd recommend clicking that Echo link above, as it gives a Google map of the trip complete with graphics and lines, for those interested in geometry porn (I try to cater to all types). Plus it's not an MS Paint massacre, like the Daily Mail version.

Also worth following is the Ian Dennis journal accompanying the Reds on their voyage. Just so we're all clear, there's not a big deal being made of this.

If Liverpool come out of this with a result of any type outside of a 2-0 or worse defeat, the British press is going to collectively soil themselves. Liverpool, up against it all in the worst season in recent memory, take first-class ground transportation to Madrid, where luxury hotels and happy endings await them in pre-game preparations. **Shudder**

Back tomorrow with a preview. In the meantime, pray that Rafa can part the seas and turns the loaves into fish---for the protein.

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