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Today's Inflammatory Headline Brought to You by...

Benfica vs Liverpool Europa League preview- Benfica defender Luisao says it's 'easy' to stop Fernando Torres -

Mirror Football!!! Hit the jump if you want, you know, the actual quotes.

In case you haven't noticed, I've gone ScreenGrab! crazy lately. Right-clicking has never been so exhilirating.

Anyway, from Mirror Football, graduates of the Michael Bay "Boom. Follow that with another Boom. And then, ANOTHER!!!" school of headlines, the thoughts of Luisao, painfully objectivized:

"We will stop Fernando Torres. It will be easy if we stick to our system 100 per cent and keep our concentration. We will have two aims - to stop Torres from scoring and to score ourselves. We believe we can do that and go through.

"We have our own goal king, Oscar Cardozo, and I warn Liverpool that he can score in the big matches. We accept that Liverpool will start as favourites but we are ready to give everything to reach the semi finals. It is difficult against any English club and Liverpool have a great history but Benfica has a tradition in Europe.

"This tie is 50-50, but we believe we can go through. We have nothing to fear from Liverpool. We respect them but if we’re at our best we can go through. Whoever goes through can have a serious chance of winning the competition but we believe it can be us."

Oooooh, controversy, now I'm extra-looking forward to tomorrow's match. Thanks, Mirror Football, for doing all my thinking for me, conveniently in size 48 font!

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