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Weekend Break

Like Liverpool, I'm out of action this weekend. I'll be back in time for Wigan on Monday, but after spending the weekend in Las Vegas, it's not likely that I'll be in any condition to type anything of substance. Good thing I haven't really been doing that anyway. Nice burn, Self!

I'll be posting the last exchange between nate from oh you beauty and I tomorrow, but that will be my last correspondence before I go into acute liver failure. He's really done a great job (nate, not my liver) humoring me with this, and I can't thank him enough for it, as I've really enjoyed the exchange. Feel free to leave comments that lavish praise upon us in my absence.

For your Liverpool fix in the next few days, I suggest:

oh you beauty: Match preview likely in the next couple days. Ode to my genius also probable.

LFCLive: Plenty of links for anything and everything, except this site. Funny how that works.

Official Website: Lots of pictures of Lucas tickling teammates, if you're into that sort of thing.

Pretty much all you'll need for news and links. And, lucky you, you won't have to spend your time correcting my mistakes or overusing quotation marks in the comment section.

Take care all, see you on Monday.

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