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Blog Pollin': Worst Official in the EPL Edition

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Off and on over the last few weeks I considered asking which referee people most like to see officiating a Liverpool match, but let's be honest, it's always easier to hate the men with the cards than love them. If they are prefect, nobody remembers them six hours later, and that's part of the job description. So with that in mind, and with half a hope that those Tottenham fans who were hanging around last week might come back to call me bitter and whiny again, this week's poll asks: Who do you hate the most? Who makes your heart sink? Who makes you lose a bit of hope? Who makes you expect a red card against? In short, which Premier League official fills you with dread when you find he's doing the upcoming match?

To keep it from getting too unwieldy, I've narrowed it down to those who have officiated Liverpool's EPL matches so far this season, and the choices (as well as the matches they've officiated, to help jog your memory) are as follows:

Martin Atkinson - Liverpool v. Arsenal, Bolton v. Liverpool, Totts v. Liverpool
Stuart Attwell - Liverpool v. Sunderland
Phil Dowd - City v. Liverpool, Liverpool v. Blackburn, Liverpool v. Villa
Mark Halsey - Birmingham v. Liverpool, Stoke v. Liverpool
Mike Jones - Liverpool v. Blackpool
Lee Probert - Liverpool v. West Brom, Liverpool v. West Ham
Peter Walton - Wigan v. Liverpool
Howard Webb - United v. Liverpool, Everton v. Liverpool, Liverpool v. Chelsea

I won't pick yet, though I will say that I expect two to be out in front and will admit to a slightly less militaristic stance towards one than I imagine is the consensus of Liverpool's followers. Oh, and if this was about which official I most liked seeing on the sheet for an upcoming match I think I'd pick Lee Probert.

Feel free to share any whining or moaning or general bitterness (either towards the officials in question or towards me, as you please) in the comment section, though if you also have some thought on officials you're generally fond of or whom you think do an outstanding job, I'd love to hear a bit of that, too.