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Daniel Agger, Dani Pacheco, and Other Friday Notes

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Well, that was a bit of an odd week for Liverpool, from a well-fought loss to Spurs where the club came away with nothing after putting on the kind of display we've all wanted to see on a regular basis to yesterday's Europa League match where we came away with the top spot in the group after the kind of dull and sorry display we'd all hoped to have long since seen the back of. So it goes.

And so we move on to a few pieces of club news to wrap up the work week...

* They're staying, then they're going. We're understaffed, we're overstaffed. He'll fight for his place, he's moving to Malaga

. Given how often Roy Hodgson seems to change his mind it's little surprise that such uncertainty has permeated downwards, but at least today that uncertainty about just what the hell is going on leads to some flips and flops in a positive direction. In short, Dani Pacheco and Martin Kelly have both just signed contract extensions through 2014. Which means they're both seen as the club's future by somebody in charge. Who might be Hodgson. Unless it's Comolli. And unless it's just so they can be sold for a larger fee in January. But then if Pacheco had been looking to get out of the club he'd hardly be going out of his way to increase his transfer value and make that less likely. So yeah.

* Elsewhere in players thought to be on their way out news, Daniel Agger has helped remind everybody why they're so fond of the Danish defender (aside from his footballing ability and tattoos, of course). At times a player being outspoken can come across as foolhardy or just plain foolish, but ever since Agger was the first to stand up and fight for the club during last summer's chaos it's been hard not to nod along with his occasionally aggressive but heartfelt messages. Which is all to say that Daniel Agger has said a few things that I'm going to quote:

Liverpool can't force me out of the club even if they want to as I have got four years left on my contract.

I expect Roy Hodgson to have the guts to tell me face to face if he doesn't want me and he hasn't said that.

I suppose some might feel their delicate sensibilities have been ruffled by such blunt honesty, but it's been clear for quite some time now that Liverpool is where Agger wants to be, and in a sport full of celebrity gossip and rumours leaked by agents I have to say I find it more than a bit refreshing.

* And to finish wrapping up Thursday's Steaua match, Roy has--as the official site puts it--offered up his verdict. Spoiler alert: he's thrilled.

It's good for me to know the work we're doing day in, day out on the training field is having some effect and the players are getting more and more comfortable with what we're trying to do, even those that maybe don't play every week.

I suppose it is good to see him praising the "b team," but I can't help but find it worrisome that he's so happy the players are finally taking his tactics and training to heart. Passive defending and hoofmania: the lads are finally buying in! Next year's Carling Cup will be ours!

In the meantime, apropos of nothing, have some of Stephen Fry. And if by chance you find yourself looking at this page at two in the morning in an altered state of mind, just keep hitting next video. You're welcome...