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Mental Health Break: FA Cup v. West Ham

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People keep saying, "Why don't you post something nice now and again? I mean, things may not be pretty on the footballing front right now, but is it really in your best interest to drive your five Australian readers to self-harm? Especially over the holidays, when a depressingly large portion of the population is, well, feeling rather depressed to begin with?"

To which I say, "That's quite a bit to deal with and I don't have the slightest clue where to start, but okay, I'll go looking for some cheerful Liverpool Chrsitmas video to maybe make you feel a little more upbeat for a few minutes. Or something."

Then I realise it's not spelled "Chrsitmas" and that might be why I'm not finding anything, only it turns out that's not why I'm not finding anything. But how about taking a few minutes off from the seasonal insanity to remember the good old days anyhow, and in particular that sometimes overlooked classic of an FA Cup final against West Ham? Sound like a plan? Good, sounds like a plan...