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Konchesky Lets His Mouth Do The Talking

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Sir Konch-a-lot
Konchesky, moments before being
embarrassed by Lennon. Again.

With the match on Saturday cancelled and much of the world heading towards Christmas and its various distractions before the next fixture rolls around, there's less of that on field stuff to concern ourselves with this Monday than would normally be the case. Still, all because there's no actual football going on doesn't mean people can't go on sticking feet and piping hot cinnamon rolls and ornamental door knockers all bedazzled with sleigh bells into their mouths at the frighteningly rapid rate we've become used to so far in this season of downward adjustments. Oddly though, today it isn't Hodgson leading to annoyed head shaking--at least not directly--and with Carragher past his Houlier outburst and focusing on home-brewing hard egg nog to pass the time while recovering from injury, it's left to everybody's favourite world class left back to make a complete ass of himself:

I know right now the fans obviously want a different style of football, but I think his [Roy Hodgson's] style will work here.

The supporters need to get behind him a bit more.

So sayeth Sir Paul of Konchesky, because if there's one thing you want to do right after your dear old mum's found her way over to Facebook to snipe about "Scouse Scum" saying mean things about her superstar son, it's to tell those same fans to know their place and shut their face. That's just a public relations master-stroke right out of the Hodgson playbook--though I suppose to be fair he would have had to ramble a bit about how Fabio Aurelio needs to be more careful with the press before then putting his own foot in his mouth to pull off the full-Hodgson. I know we've gone over it amongst ourselves at least thirty-seven (thousand) times before, but I think the vast majority of said fans and followers and supporters and seasonally interested festive chipmunks recognize much of the style that Roy Hodgson is attempting to fully introduce to the club, and are fully aware just what it is we don't want to see established as the new normal at Liverpool Football Club. Though I suppose to his credit Konchesky might at least be acknowledging that.

In which case he's saying that even if we see the grand plan and don't agree with it we need to sit down, shut up, and embrace ye olde Egnlish hoof and chase with a side of classic Italian defensive steel, for Hodgson is the light, the glory, the Alpha and the Omega. Guess we just can't recognise class--either his or Hodgson's--when it's staring us right in the face. At least his mother seems to think that's the case, and it's not as though mothers ever have a biased view of their offspring.

He wants to be at the top. He isn't happy about us being eighth and ninth. I knew coming to Liverpool that the expectations would be different to Fulham, but I didn't fully understand by how much until I got here.

Oh, well that's nice. Not that you can blame him for taking a paycheque, of course. It's more that he admits he didn't understand what he was getting into only a few short months ago but now has the authority--on the back of so many stellar performances, of course--to tell everybody looking on to let go and embrace the Royvolution.

I get that Hodgson is "his" manager, brought him up the road from little London-town and all that, but perhaps if you don't understand what the supporters expect and you've been in the running for worst performer of the season along with fellow new-boy Poulsen you should just shut the fuck up? Yeah, I'd say shutting the fuck up, buckling down, and attempting to reach the level of borderline competent squad player before presuming to tell people what to think might be the proper course of action.

Every single person in Liverpool wants their team to be back in the top four. The pressure is high, but it's also good because you have to show people what you are about.

The league is funny this season. It's not just Liverpool not winning matches. It gives us a chance of getting back up there, especially if we do well over Christmas when we'll have players coming back from injury.

We're going to win the league, we're going to... er, never mind. We're going to maybe make a good run at fourth, we're going to maybe take a good run at fourth... because the other clubs are fucking up almost as much as we... are?

Also, yes, I'd love to see what he's about one of these days. Hopefully it's something better than what we've seen so far: a mediocre fullback best suited for a club with mid-table aspirations who thinks it a good idea to come out and tell supporters to accept said middling aspirations and stale football rather than bucking down and trying to prove them wrong by showing some real quality on the pitch where it bloody-well matters. Let's either see something more than that or hope Aurelio gets a run after Chrsitmas. Maybe if the latter happens and Konchesky asks nicely Maxi will even knit him a snood to help stay warm on the bench, and if we're exceptionally lucky it'll get in the way of opening his mouth for the next little while.