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Newcastle Tactics Revealed

Tactics v. Newcastle

Dug up by Gary Blanchard and mentioned in the comments by Galahad, the included image purports to be Roy Hodgson's tactics for the Newcastle match as stumbled across by a curious supporter staying at the team hotel. For those who don't care to squint out the details:

-Front players to stay together -Give us an outlet for longer passes

-Use spaces to side of centre backs Taylor + Campbell -Spin runs -Turn them

-Maxi + Dirk -Use space to side of Tioté [Newcastle's defensive midfielder], come in off the line

-Glen + Paul get forward

-Raul + Lucas back up the play, move ball quickly -Good tempo with our passing

-Crosses: Get across defenders, at least 3 in the box, surround the edge of box and keep ball in

-Negative/positive environment

-Be strong, physically + mentally

-Prepared for lively starts

-Maintain a consistent and reliable performance

There might not be anything fundamentally wrong with the core concepts, but that still sounded like the sort of stuff I could come up with to pass along to a team of eight-year olds, and I think I would sum up my reactions thus:

-Notes summarizing actual tactical insight and work during week, or sum total of "tactics"?

-Assume most go with later as Hodgson disliked -Can't overlook possibility of former -Surely can't be it?

-Glen + Paul intent to attack is encouraging -Paul attacking is not encouraging -Paul defending also not encouraging

-Crosses: so simple even a caveman could do it -Such details further confuse whether this is an aid for detailed discussion or entire discussion

-"Strong physically + mentally" suggests legitimacy since Hodgson talked about need for it in both press conferences since match -Some doubt, but this suggests real

-With shaken Newcastle, maybe take play to them next time rather than preparing to react? -Better idea

-Another road loss is surprisingly consistent and reliable result

-Tactics in title should perhaps read "Tactics"

-Ed will be along later to keep you company -Use space in comments to leave your thoughts -Diatribes -Angry cursing

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