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Lucas Leiva is the Fifth Beatle, and Other Friday Notes

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O Brother George Clooney
Whaddya mean I look like a Newcastle supporter?

Ah, Friday. A day for cutting out early to spend extra time with your true loves. By which I mean alcohol and Dapper Dan. Your liver might complain, but the ladies won't, and that pesky organ will just have to learn to keep its place. Until then, try to look busy while you catch up with the various Liverpool goings on and sip discreetly from the flask in your desk...

* Not to step on Ed's toes, but seeing as I spent half the week dancing around the seemingly inevitable return of Gerrard against Newcastle I feel as though I have to mention he won't be involved. Yeah: not starting, not on the bench. Not nothing. At least this I get to spend all of next week discussing his return against Fulham, then. Wait, why is everybody grumbling and walking away?

* AND IIIIIEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIEEEEEEIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YYYOOOUUUUU!!!1! And in related news (to the caps lock bit, not the Gerrard stuff), people were starting to worry that Lucas only had a year left on his contract and that it might make a sale in either January or July inevitable just when the entire world seemed to finally be coming around on him, but it appears as though getting him a new contract is a high priority now that Comolli and a new ownership group is starting to settle in. Now I just need you to keep thinking of that song from The Bodyguard while you click through to the story.

* Lastly, the Liverpool connection may be tangental at best, but Brian of The Run of Play does a little digging into the various fannish connections The Beatles had in football. Inevitably Liverpool does come up a couple of times, though less often than you might think, and in the end it's mostly an excuse for me to send that one Australian reader of ours who doesn't already visit over to The Run of Play to read a really interesting article. Because if you aren't hugely jealousalready a reader then what the hell is wrong with you?

Well, that's where things stand. I guess. Or something. Ed will be along in a bit with the preview for Newcastle, but in the meantime slick back your mullet, break out the pixelated devil horns, and pass the time with some 8-bit classic metal. Because nothing is more Satan-worshipingly-awesome than 8-bit versions of classic metal, especially when every sign was pointing in another direction...

Today's phrase of the day of the day of today is, "Lars uses FOP because he's a little bitch." Because he is. Though the FOP part is mostly a guess.