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Tuesday Linktacular

Hello there.

It's a quick turnover between matches to start the week, and Ed will be along later to talk a bit about the Wednesday game against Wigan, but in the meantime here are a few links to keep you company while you finalise your plans for world domination:

* "John W Henry's revolution needs a sacrificial lamb for progress to be made, writes Dion Fanning," writes Dion Fanning's headline writer. Which might also be Dion Fanning, but probably isn't. And it's actually the sub-headline thinggy that I used to know the name of and will probably remember five minutes after hitting "publish" but fuck it let's just embrace this stream of consciousness thing and keep typing until...

something something something.

Oh, right, the article I'm linking to. Well, I can't say I agree with every point he makes--prime among them floating a "selling Gerrard would be good for the club" idea--but on the whole it's as good a read as we've come to expect from Fanning on the issue of perhaps needing to let Hodgson go to really make a clean break from the Hicks and Gillett era.

* So, we've all been wondering what happened to "the good Dane," and though it doesn't excuse his earlier ostracization, it appears that his more recent absence is down to a presumed mild calf injury that turned out to be not so mild. Said Hodgson:

"At the moment he can't train, he has just got to rest and wait for the next time he goes to see the specialist again.

"They are very anxious that bone doesn't form. It is a calcification issue and training would certainly accelerate the calcification.

"Now they have to wait and hope the body breaks down the calcifying elements before he can even think about training again."

Out "indefinitely" is the unpleasant verdict, though with Kelly and Wilson around at least it's at a position of depth.

* Speaking of Wilson, despite not being much involved with the first team so far this year, he's set to get called up to the Scottish national side for the first time when manager Craig Levein names his squad on Thursday. Going from starting in the Old Firm last season to not getting a sniff of the action now seems unfortunate, and makes one wonder why Liverpool didn't turn right around and loan him back to Rangers, but it's good to hear he might have a shot at some competitive football in the upcoming international break.

* And about that "Fresh Juicy Mangoes £5" sign behind the Chelsea bench on the weekend? Turns out it was just a drunken joke and didn't come loaded with any grand sociopolitical implications to mull.

Anyhow, in light of recent conversations in the comment sections, have some of this. This probably being borderline work unsafe. Though only borderline, and if you can play any other Youtube video at work without headphones and without worrying about getting in trouble for it...

p.s.: The phrase of the day of the day of today is... let's say... "Five girls one beer stein." And I really want to know if anybody lands here because of this one.

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