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Mauling Madrid

I don't think I've made a huge secret of the fact that, A) I'm not overly fond of Real Madrid, B) I'm not overly fond of Jose Mourinho, and C) tiki-taka makes me happy in the pants. So it's not a huge stretch to say I rather enjoyed last night's rather oddly-timed El Clásico from Camp Nou. Still, as Liverpool's followers are well aware, Barcelona isn't the only side that's handed out the occasional royal thumping to Madrid's white-shirted standard-bearers.

With their most recent defeat fresh in the memory, it seems as though I have as good an excuse as any to offer up the extended 25-minute highlight package from that grand European night at Anfield two years ago.

Certainly the side that looks the best, that plays attacking, fluid, powerful, and tactically aware football doesn't always win, but to echo the topic of yesterday's poll it doesn't seem a huge stretch to suggest that more often than not they do. And at times, when it all comes together just right, the results can be absolutely sublime. From my admittedly biased perspective Liverpool's demolition of Madrid remains one of the most glorious displays of football I have witnessed, and one that more than holds its own next to last night's destruction. (p.s.: If Veoh starts asking you to sign up for their player half way through the clip to see the whole thing you can just click on the half way point and then play again and it'll keep feeding you the good stuff)

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