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Wednesday Miscellany, Dropbear Edition


Goodmorning, Liverpool. Seeing as how much people seemed to like like like it when new content went up during prime daylight hours for Brisbane and Bejing, here's what's going around in the news right now:

* They don't always get it right, but it was nice to see the Guardian come out of the gates with a headline that didn't deride Benitez, instead saying Hodgson had been "whining" while all the other outlets twisted the truth to take shots at the current Inter manager. A bit of scaremongering that attempts to get Liverpool fans worked up by pulling the possibility of debt being placed on the club out of their ass would be one of the worst recent examples of them getting something very wrong. Thankfully it's also one of the only recent examples of such, and considering all the good work they've done of late I'm

willing to cut them a bit of slack.

* Speaking of the whole Rafa v. Roy Showdown in Motown, Nate at OYB had an enjoyably prickly rant in response to the situation.

* And to round out the topic, a Liverpool Echo poll saw 88% of LFC fans siding with Rafa in this little back and forth, which goes to show that even while the BBC can write him off as cryptic and bitter at a time when large segments of the media are still looking to prop up England's next manager, it's Liverpool's last manager whose take on the situation is much closer to that of the club's supporters. If I might be allowed a rueful moment, it is a little depressing to think that it's taken all of this for some amongst Liverpool's followers to realise that the former manager cared--and still cares--more about the club than the talking heads on Sky so many allow their opinions to be swayed by.

* In other news, it's been confirmed that Joe Cole is likely to only be out for two weeks. Which is a relatively good thing, under the circumstances.

* Cole has also been named one of the flops of the season so far by a Sports Illustrated collumnist. Perhaps a little unfair, given the tactics and that he was brought in on a free, but it still represents a growing shift away from Carragher's foolish talk of Cole coming in as some kind of Anfield God before he'd kicked a ball. Still, for me the author's honourable mention Christian Poulsen remains quite possibly the worst Liverpool signing of the last six or so years given then money involved in that transaction--not to mention sending Aquilani the other way on a free loan with the option of a knock-down purchase price as part of getting the deal done.

* And last but not least, media outlets in Spain are reporting that Pellegrini signing on to manage Malaga is imminent. Seems an odd sort of job for a top manager to hold out for, but perhaps he was only ever holding out for a position somewhere everybody spoke English.

Have yourselves a good morning, or evening, or whatever it may be wherever you may be, and Ed will be along in the not too distant future to preview Thursday's Napoli match...

p.s.: Ed and I are both having intermittent troubles with Disqus--mine more serious than his by the look of it--so there have been a number of comments I would have liked to reply to over the past 24 hours or so but have been unable to. For all those who have been taking part in the comments conversations lately, then, I just thought I should tack on a note to say all y'all done good.

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