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Matchday: Liverpool v. Spurs


Kickoff from White Hart Lane at 16:00 GMT, 11:00 EST.

Ways to Watch:

Match televised live on Sky Sports 1 (HD) in the UK and Fox Soccer Channel (HD) in the US.


Check comments section below for updates.


Check comments section below for updates.

In the run-up:

Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm completely absent for this one, so updates to the team sheets will have to be done by Noel or other enterprising souls in the comments. They're typically available on the official website at around an hour before kickoff, and the same goes for Spurs. Twitter is also a pretty solid resource for early squad news---the Liverpool Offside will be relatively quiet unless Noel picks up, but nate from oh you beauty usually has the team news fairly early as well.

Anyway, it's back to business as usual for the run-up section of the matchday post, only this time it's not something directly from Roy Hodgson. Paul Wilson from the Guardian has taken up the mantle of Hodgson's latest attorney-in-the-press, and he's delivered on a number of laughable fronts. Among my favorites:

"Hodgson was unwise enough recently to criticise websites for writing ridiculous things, which is a bit like moaning that the rain is wet, and unsurprisingly took a dim view of supporters chanting 'Dalglish' during losing Liverpool performances. If Hodgson is rubbing his new public up the wrong way, the feeling is mutual – though that does not make him a bad manager or even a poor choice for the Anfield job. Hodgson's exploits with Fulham alone suggest the opposite, not to mention his travels around Europe."

Is he accusing us of writing ridiculous things? Bastard. That last part is either plagiarism or quoting a Roy Hodgson press conference directly---"I've been to the moon and back baby, and an average manager wouldn't hack it where I've been. One doesn't go from 'Manager of the Year' to all of a sudden being..." But oh, funny that Kenny Dalglish is mentioned, because...

"Indeed it is almost tempting to hope his supporters might get what they wish for, just to see whose name terrace loyalists would chant were Dalglish to take Liverpool into the bottom three, lose at home to Northampton or take a beating at Stoke."

Isn't this a fine sentiment? Bring in Dalglish, watch him fail, revel in the self-righteous fucknuttery of it all. Brilliant stuff, really.

"Before running out of steam at Wigan, then losing at the Britannia, Liverpool had put together an impressive sequence of four straight wins, including results against Chelsea and Napoli. Most teams would be happy with that, even Chelsea these days, but it was clearly not enough to convince Liverpool fans that Hodgson has what it takes."

To call the performance at the DW one in which Liverpool "ran out of steam" is selective memory of the highest order---there were more than enough options available for rotation (even if Hodgson would call it a thin squad), and it wasn't even really like Liverpool looked gassed after those tremendous 17 minutes they played that day. It was just a regression to the same style we've seen under Hodgson. "Running out of steam" would have implied that Liverpool did anything besides sitting back and trying to hang on for a point. And you can't really laud a win over Napoli in the Europa League just a few paragraphs before condemning as a competition below a club of Liverpool's standard.

"Liverpool would dearly love to be where today's opponents, Spurs, are: rampaging through the Champions League group stage, coming back from two goals down against Arsenal, keeping in touch with the league leaders and worrying their manager might leave for England."

Could this be any more off-base? No disrespect meant to Spurs fans, because their position in league is a bit envious (even if a win today would see Liverpool draw level on points), and it's probably quite nice to have Champions League progression and a comeback win at the Emirates notched on the belt. At the current time, it's not an outlandish argument to suggest that the clubs have been moving in opposite directions of late.

But "worrying" about Hodgson leaving for England isn't exactly on the radar right now. How could it be when we're all too stupid to understand how great Roy is?

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