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Poll Wrap, Roy Hodgson Roy Hodgson Roy Hodgson Edition

Avram and Roy

A quick poll wrap-up post to hold the fort this morning while more significant content works its way through the series of tubes that is The Liverpool Offside, and let's get right down to it: In last weekends post-West Ham poll we asked whether the encouraging scoreline and first half performance seen in that match had changed your opinion on Roy Hodgson. The short answer was "No." The long answer was "Fuck no."

The final tally saw 72.5% say that West Ham changed nothing. It was a weak opponent, the second half was discouraging, and on the whole Hodgson had simply filed too many negatives already for the results of last weekend to make a meaningful dent in your opinion. 25% were slightly more open to viewing the result as one with a touch of meaning, or were at least willing to give a bit more time to the manager even if it was just down to a desire not to keep blasting away after a positive result. 2.5% of respondents did think that West Ham was proof of improvement and that Hodgson was the man for the job long term, but 2.5% works out to one person in every forty, and I'm sure if you pulled together forty random people off the street at least one would think that when the ball hits the post it's the work of malevolent spirits guiding it there instead of into the back of the net. So yeah.

Elsewhere, most of the major LFC forums have also been conducting Hodgson polls over recent weeks. Anfield Road recently shared their results, and they saw 95% in favour of Roy getting the boot with only 3% thinking he didn't need to be shown the door and 2% undecided. So, breaking news: pretty much everybody who follows Liverpool wants him gone, and if not now then soon. I know, I'm shocked, too.

For some reason I don't think too many people will be changing their opinions following Sunday's match against Spurs, but I suppose you never do know for certain and there's a reason they actually bother to play the games instead of just handing out three points to the side that should win beforehand.

Speaking of Sunday and Spurs, later today I expect to have a Tea and Crumpets post ready to go. Due to various complications it's coming a little later than hoped and might be minus the flowery intro of past installments, but I do think it's a good one and hope you'll check back in for it in a few hours. In the meantime, because it just struck me that I end half these posts by saying "In the meantime" and because constantly talking about Roy Hodgson is starting to make me want to scream just a little bit...

And today's phrase of today of today of today, today's phrase of today of today is: "Kim Jong Il South Korea we're all going to die World War III it tastes like burning." Peace out, yo.

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