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More Dani Pacheco Goodness

From yesterday's mini-derby (at least until it's yanked):

I guess we're in agreement that he has something resembling talent. Apparently he and Suso put together quite the performance---the official site's got a full rundown, and you snobs with the eSeason ticket can catch up on the full match there. Encouraging stuff from him, considering we're less than a week away from Sammy Lee proclaiming that they needed to see more progress from him if he's going to break into the first team. The display against Blackpool that Noel highlighted was damned impressive, and this goal is not exactly run-of-the-mill reserves stuff. We keep telling ourselves it's only a matter of time,'s only a matter of time, right?

Anyhow, as Noel said yesterday, I had planned on putting together a lengthier post for today. Lucky for me, I've been engaged in holiday travel mode a little earlier than expected and have been a bit scattered. I'll be back by Saturday for the preview, but it's not looking good for anything prior to that. Doubtful that it's cause for any panic for anyone though, as Noel's been basically taking the place over in recent weeks.

Enjoy your holiday for those of you stateside, and for those who aren't...I'm sure you'll find a reason to drink on a Wednesday. Like this, for instance---Roy Hodgson's proclamation that Glen Johnson finally lived up to his expectations. You can almost hear the clap as he pats himself on the back. "Fucking hell of a job old man, calling him out last week. No wonder you've been across Europe and back again, you handsome bastard."

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