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Cole and Hazard and Rafa, Oh My

Who wears short-shorts?

Hey, looks like we're almost half way through the week. Before you know it it'll be time to hand the Spurs a royal thrashing at White Heart Lane. I think we'll come out attacking like all get out and they won't have a clue what's hit them. It'll be a classic.

Why are you all snickering?

* It looks as though Joe Cole is fit again and will play against Tottenham. What's less clear is if the club has finally found him a pair of big-boy shorts, and also whether his return will lead to some kind of head scratching positional domino effect that ends with Raul Meireles playing center back.

* Last Sunday Roy Hodgson and Liverpool scout Laurent Viaud were in France to take in a Lille match for the second week in a row. For those not in the know, Lille is where young Belgian winger Eden Hazard currently plies his trade, and as one of the brightest talents in world football in the last decade Liverpool supporters can only hope and pray and offer to make deals with the devil that somehow he ends up in the Red of Liverpool either this transfer window or the next.

* In news that isn't strictly speaking about Liverpool but that is likely of interest to this blog's readers, Rafa is going through some tough times at Inter. Perhaps his eyes were bigger than his stomach when he decided to take on an aging squad at a club that made a 45-million Euro profit in the summer transfer window after a season in which they played sixty-plus matches and saw most of their stars head to South Africa following its conclusion. Throw in the whole following up Mourinho and his cult of personality thing and perhaps it was always a recipe for disaster, and the above linked piece on it is about as good and thorough a read on the subject as I've yet seen.

I'll be taking a short break and Ed will wander by to keep you company when daylight hours roll back around to the Western Hemisphere. In the meantime you can always brush up on The Liverpool Offside's corporate standard's and operating policy as it pertains to the rights and obligations of you, our valued reader and/or commenter. There will be a test.

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