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10 Things I Hate About Roy

In all the talk of Hodgson's many failings we've spent a lot of time wishing he was gone, but we've also collectively attempted to sprinkle in moments of acceptance based on the feeling that if he's here we might as well not give ourselves a stroke angrily shaking our fists at the bad man over the interwebs. When it comes to the things he's done wrong, I know I've dedicated posts to his tactics, to his press conferences, to the way he shoves players under speeding mass transport devices instead of taking the blame himself. But in any case, as most of you know much of the good stuff around here happens below the fold in the comment sections, and with how much people seemed to like the recent caption contest I'm gleefully going to steal an idea/suggestion from Red2death, make it all vaguely contest-y, and run with it:

[To] rant so much about Roy, I think that this community should come up with at least 20 good, unique, logical reasons why Roy is not fit to be Liverpool manager. (and I think we can).

I'll start:

1) He puts himself above the club - Bent on a complete overhaul of Rafa's squad, even at the expense of the club, because he wants to leave his own Liverpool legacy. Doesn't hesitate to throw players, fans, ex-manager under the bus to preserve his own reputation.

Okay, I count at least two or three different points there, but if we try to keep it tightly focused on a single negative I think it might just be a bit too easy, so rather than 20 reasons why he isn't fit let's stick to just ten and try to figure out ten really, really good ones. Yes, yes, I know, if I think 20 would be easy why go to ten? Well, because I want to see if we're collectively good enough to balance that ten out with ten positives. It'll be just like a scene from a really crappy sitcom or romantic comedy where somebody tries to make a positives and negatives chart about somebody else, leading to hilarity.

So, I'm hoping that everybody can come up with both their biggest negative and biggest positive over the next day or so, and then we can use all that to come up with a super-official LFC Offside top ten. Think of it like the caption contest, only with even more winners. Plus you get to tell us the one thing you dislike most about Roy and his time with the club. While at least trying to be intellectually honest and coming up with something that counters it.

A pair to start things off, then, and then it's up to all you beautiful angels in the LFC Offside community:

+ He's played Shelvey a fair bit, and Suso just officially signed his first pro contract, so maybe Hodgson really would be open to building things up at the youth level and playing youngsters, even if some of his actions on that front are puzzling at the very best

- He appears to fundamentally lack a killer instinct on match days. Whether it's a passive game plan on the road until the other team scores, even if on paper it's a match Liverpool should be able to dictate, or shutting up shop after a lead has been taken instead of going for the throat to build goal differential and confidence, Hodgson appears to lack the killer instinct that seems to be shared by all top managers

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