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Monday News and Notes

Ged hates Mondays, too.

Hey, look, it's Monday again. Yay? Anyhow, a few links to start the week off, and also a quick note: Some of our readers (mostly those living in America) will be aware that some of our readers (mostly those living in America) will be doing the thanksgiving thing for much of the week, but as we're a fairly international community here (and since I'm not one of those living in America) it'll be business as usual this week at the Liverpool Offside, and you can expect to see Tuesdays with Roy, Tea and Crumpets, and potentially a new reoccurring feature this week along with the usual asshattery and uncalled for swearing. Hopefully, wherever you are, you'll continue to stop by, comment, and otherwise force us on all your friends and acquaintances through various social media I'm far too lazy to begin to try to understand.

* Let's start things out with a long-ish interview with Gerard Houllier about his time with the club:

[H]is players worked under two very different men in his six years at Anfield. While the original version was untouchable, in his words 'indestructible', the one who had suffered a dissected aorta was seriously wounded and tired.

So exhausted, in fact, that his judgment became impaired. He admits for the first time, in what is his first major interview as the new manager of Aston Villa, that he did make poor signings.

But as he sits in his smart office at Villa's training ground, wearing a broad smile having just welcomed Robert Pires to the club, there is not a hint of bitterness in his voice.

* Meanwhile, the FA is likely to pay £500k to Liverpool as compensation for getting Gerrard injured in the friendly against France while playing him for longer than they had previously agreed with the club.

* In the category of blights gone but not forgotten, Mill Financial--the hedge fund that briefly owned George Gillett's half of Liverpool FC in the run up to last month's sale after the former co-owner defaulted on loans held by the company--has sued Gillett for the £73M they lost in the deal. And not a single tear was shed over Gillett's worsening financial state, though in sorta-okay-not-really related news, if somebody wants to lose, say, 10% of that and have it find its way into a Swiss bank account in my name just because I'm so awesome... no? Well, it seemed worth a shot.

And in other news, apparently I won't be schlepping around the globe worry free for the next twenty or so years. But anyhow, since I don't have a tenuously related bit of youtubery to tack onto the end of things today, you get... this. I guess. Yeah, I know, even I'm underwhelmed by me this morning, and given how low my whelming expectations are for myself that really takes some doing. I guess one of our five Australian readers might enjoy it for one reason or another...

Aparently there's a new iPad coming down the pipes, so today's phrase of the day is, "The new iPad new iPad new iPad, aka iPad 2, is coming." Because I'm sure somebody landing here because of that will be super excited to read about Steve Gerrard while listening to covers of classic video game music.

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