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Wednesday Miscellany, A Dingo Gave Me Rabies Edition

comma chameleon
Wait, are you trying to say there's
such a thing as too many commas?

Danny Wilson scores on his Scotland debut, and just like the the internationals are upon us. Most of the time these matches are an unwelcome distraction, but right now I might just be looking forward to a few of tomorrow's games more than I am the weekend offering against West Ham. In the meantime, though, there's still plenty of Liverpool news floating around the tubes, so let's get to it...

* Might as well get to the good news right off the top: Dani Pacheco wants out, and it's really no surprise. Since the Northampton match where he was played out of position as a right midfielder in the 4-4-2 before Roy Hodgson rolled the bus over him, checked the rearview mirror, and backed over

him a few more times for good measure, Pacheco hasn't started--or even appeared on the bench--for Liverpool at the first team or reserves level. Vague and unconfirmed rumours that he was late for either a bus or flight or training session have floated around in attempts to explain his absence, but to have been shut out of the team entirely for a relatively minor offense would seem bizarre. Whatever the specifics, short of Pacheco killing Roy's dog it seems unforgivable that our manager appears to have driven off one of the top young talents in Europe. One can only wonder who will be following Pacheco out the door if Hodgson is allowed to stick around and continue damaging the club.

* On the other hand, Comolli says the club is willing to spend in January, and to even spend a lot, if it's a good value. Which in all the wildly vacillating talk of "Roy's getting a £30M January kitty!" and "Henry won't spend a dime!" always seemed most likely. Now it's confirmed, at least: NESV will spend. Unless they won't. Because it'll depend on what's available and if the prices are realistic. It also might, one imagines, depend on whether Roy Hodgson is managing the club, since any top class player willing to come in while he's running the show would probably need to be institutionalized for the safety of both himself and those around him, and it would be hard to play for LFC while being force fed happy pills in a padded room with nice men in white coats trying to determine just how broken your brain was.

* Meanwhile, Tomkins takes a less absurdist look at the depressing state of being a Liverpool follower these days:

Managers need to connect with the club and with us, the fans; and vice versa. This is undeniably crucial. It’s not about kissing the badge or talking in platitudes, just a question of trust.

Trust, that the man in charge understands us and what we want. Trust, that he wants this job above all others and isn’t just passing through. Trust, that he has sufficient ability and that he will do what is right for the club, not just what is right for himself.

I don’t feel that at all about Hodgson, and I don’t think he feels it about us. He wanted the England job before this one, and he doesn’t understand what our club is all about.

There’s nothing to be done. I’ve given up again.

* Oh, and Kuyt's been injured with the Netherlands again. Suppose I should take back that bit about looking forward to the games this international break.

Anywho, I'll be back with something when we get a little closer to the Brazil-Argentina showdown at 5PM GMT/12PM EST, but in the meantime--since there's really only one direction to go in after my post yesterday--have a bit of youtubery that comes with a major explicit language warning...

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