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The Liverpool Offside: #1 in October, #1 in your Hearts

demon hicks

Seeing the stars come out over the Sahara, watching sea lions frolic off the Oregon coast, or "recovering" the secrets handcuffed to a courier's wrist while speeding though the Siberian winter on the Trans-Mongolian, I never dreamed that one day I could be part of the number one blog on The Offside.

While one of those things may be untrue, what isn't up for debate is that with a little helpful traffic boost from Messrs. Hicks and Gillett during a long international break, the Liverpool Offside hit number one last month, jumping past all your Chelseas and Arsenals and Romas and Juventuses (or is that Juventi?) on a rocket powered rocket ship to excellence. Still, Ed and I would like to think that it was more than just angry people hitting F5 repeatedly to see our next update on the Guardian liveblog's next update on the whole club sale situation that now seems a million years ago, and we do hope the things we've been putting up over the past month are the sort to keep you all entertained and coming back

Money please.

Now if I can only find somebody who wants to give me part time at McDonalds type money so that I can even half-way justify a quarter of the time I've sunk into this blogging dealie in the short time I've been here. Or maybe just an alcohol sponsor. Speaking of which, have you ever tried Tag No. 5 vodka? It's a super-premium vodka for a mid-range price, has a delightful hint of wintergreen in the aftertaste, and of all the various brands of alcohol I've killed brain cells with I have never had less of a hangover than when I overindulge with Tag No. 5.

Tag No. 5: it fucks you up, but it won't leave you feeling fucked up the next day.

I'll be waiting for my cheque and/or boxes of product, guys.

Anyhow, it may be a little late for an October roundup, but the numbers came a little late this month so we haven't felt able to until now. So, for anybody new to the blog, or who just wants a reminder/cheat-sheet, here are some of the posts from October that we remember fondly. Or at least without too much disdain.

* The very first October post was the very first Tuesdays With Roy [click]
* Ed then took charge of talking to Roy while I was stuck in the hospital following our first encounter before Tuesdays with Roy took a couple of weeks off [click]

* I also tried to introduce the world to a series of drug-fueled interviews with bloggers of our upcoming opponents. I'm still not sure if they went over well or scared people away [click] & [click]

* Meanwhile, Ed's ongoing match reviews helped describe the roller-coaster highs and lows of a month where the on-field displays offered a depressing counterpoint to the final jettisoning of our former owners: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

* On the "You write too damn much, Noel," side of things, I started out the month with my biggest post to date, a 4-2-3-1 bible on the purpose of players like Lucas Leiva and Glen Johnson. Also, yes, I am aware that Zonal Marking has also done an article on the subject of the modern deep lying midfielder, thank you very much [click]

*I also wrote longer pieces on some of the history of Liverpool and Everton in the run up to the derby [click] gave a quick overview of the Dutch tactical legacy [click] and swore at the Mirror a bit [click]

* Then of course there was the whole ownership thing. The frequently updated posts remain as hard to make sense of now as they did at the time, but when the dust had sort of settled, Ed made a valiant effort to get a handle on all that had gone down [click]
* ...except that after it seemed over the first time, Hicks kept fighting. Until it actually was all over. Probably. We think [click] & [click]

Well, that really was a bit of a busy month, then. Do let us know what we're doing right, what you'd like to see more of, and so on and etcetera so that we can continue on to our goal of total world domination through blogging about LFC. We'll try to remember all of you when we get there. No promises, though...

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