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Thursday Miscellany

cage stache

With the games coming fast and furious this week and a hugely disappointing show put on yesterday one might expect a great deal being talked about involving Liverpool. Which of course means that everybody is busy staring at the bottom of their pint and feeling vaguely surly and disinterested. Still, there's always something or other floating out in the tubes somewhere, so let's get on with your Thursday links and whatnot, brought to you as always by Nicholas Cage's killer pornstache. Because god damn that's a killer pornstache. Can I get a bwow-chicka-bwow-bwow? No? Fine, on with the linkage, then...

* While Hodgson was busy shifting blame to the young players in our now understaffed squad, Gerrard decided to shoulder the blame for the team's failings against Wigan. A tired side and ten camped behind the ball at the edge of your own eighteen yard box, and afterwards the manager passes the buck while the man who set up the first goal and almost pulled an unlikely three points out of the bag at the end faces the firing squad. Seems fair


* Squad rotation is the work of foreign devils. Until the day it maybe isn't. Roy Hodgson brings in Poulsen to bolster Lucas' image, he brings in man-marking to show people how foolish Andy Gray is, and he refuses to rotate to show just how daft it is to not give players sufficient rest in the modern game. It's a damnably thin silver lining, but he is singlehandedly doing more than anybody to discredit the footballing outlook of the Glory of '66 sorts so common amongst the English media, at least for those amongst Liverpool's followers who hadn't long ago bought into the Liverpool way being different than the English way.

* With it still being November 11th in some parts of the world, this seems as good a time and place as any to note that Liverpool's shirts will be affixed with an embroidered poppy for the match against Stoke on Saturday.

* In probably meaningless agent musings, Frank Rijkaard's has hinted that he'd like the Liverpool job, which hardly seems a shocking thing to say and does nothing to speak to the club's intentions. I remain unconvinced on the Dutchman, though all the mentions of Chile surrounding his future do put me in the mind of a certain quite possibly batshit insane but undeniably top-class manager who is available right now.

* And a longer read for you to pass the time with, a recently updated excerpt from Pay as you Play for those still looking for a bit of insight into the role Damien Comolli played with spurs.

Well, this was fun. We should do it again some time. Still, I should probably go and get my head wound looked at now, and--what's that, Roy?


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