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UPDATED--Saturday Liverpool Roundup

sad keanu

It's Saturday, time for some footie! Oh... right. Well, here's some of what's been pushed out into the world recently that might be of interest to an LFC follower. It may not be the beautiful game (or whatever it is they're calling what we've seen from Liverpool of late), but it's better than mowing the lawn:

* Looks like Liverpool might face a nine point deduction after all if they end up having to use administration to push Hicks and Gillett out. Oh joy.

* Speaking of Gillett, turns out there's a good reason we haven't heard from him

lately: he's pretty much broke, defaulted on a £75M loan, and his shares are now controlled by Mill Financial.

* Meanwhile, the father of sabermetrics thinks the system can be fully adapted to football.

* Liverpool's scouts expect a bit of spending in January. Fingers crossed it actually materializes this time. And also that it sees a replacement for Poulsen rather than more of his ilk.

* "It will always be my favourite club and the club where I feel I belong." Turns out some ex-Reds can still say nice things about the club, as The Guardian gives us a solid Hamann retrospective.

* And if you missed it before, as Ed talked about in the comments to the last thread, the League has officially signed off on NESV.

*UPDATE* "But Roy is self confident and was, when he signed up, confident he was capable of doing the job at Liverpool." So you're telling me he's not confident he can do the job now that he's had it for a while? Turns out that contrary to previous rumors, there is a release clause in Hodgson's contract. (big thanks to Grubb for passing along this one)

Ed or I may be around and about depending on whether anything especially interesting or asinine happens throughout the day--or if Ed feels especially bored and/or motivated and decides to tackle an International roundup--but otherwise leave any articles you think fellow Reds need to see in the comment section and enjoy the rest of your morning coffee. Or margarita.

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