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TalkSport Exclusive: Spurs and Hammers to Share Emirates

Tottenham and West Ham's new
home: It only makes sense.

Not content to let followers of LFC be cautiously optimistic about the likely sale and the rumblings of a potential Anfield remodeling, TalkSport has once again done its thing, wheeling out a couple of ex-Reds yesterday to say unfortunate things in an attempt to get ratings (and probably web traffic as well, but I'm going to stick with my no links to rubbish punditry policy). Seems like only a week ago they were grabbing anybody with the slightest former connection to the club who was willing to blame every ill and loss to Northampton on our former manager. But with an international break and ownership issues distracting from on-pitch activities, and Everton approaching, they've gone the only place their simple minds can go: ground share.

Doesn't matter that it's not top priority at the moment, or that all the rumblings point to redeveloping Anfield as being the most likely option if the new owners make it over the legal hurdles, they need something to whack at Liverpool's followers with and they've dragged out a couple of ex-Reds to help stir up the hornet's nest.

Take it away, Ray Houghton:

"Manchester United get 75,000 every game, and Arsenal apparently make £1million every home match. You relate that to Everton and Liverpool and they’re bringing in nowhere near that.

"It’s something Everton and Liverpool might have to look at. I know the fans want their own identities, but needs must and that’s the position they’re in compared to their rivals. Something has to give."

Oh, well if needs must and all that. Glad the new owners get even five minutes after officially, legally, becoming the new owners--which still might not happen until some time next week at the earliest--to start trotting out the ground share. Once again TalkSport is doing their best to show that they're nothing but shit-stirring hacks. Soon after they have another of their "EXCLUSIVE!" chats, this one with Alan Kennedy:

"Everton also need a new ground and I don't have a problem with it being shared. Speaking to ex-players, we all just want Liverpool and Everton to have a new stadium they can be proud of.

"Yes, Anfield is Liverpool’s home but we have to look to the future. Liverpool sell about 27,000 season tickets and there are about 30,000 people waiting in the wings from all over the world, so why not give them a stadium to be proud of?

"I'm not saying they have to share with Everton, but if it’s viable let’s just get on with it. And if local fans aren’t too happy, then so be it.

"We’ve got to move into the future, not live in the past. And the majority of fans will be happy with that."

Oh, well it's good to know as Reds fans that our ex-players are worried about what Everton needs, too. Nice of them to be concerned and civic and all that. The new owners aren't even fully in place, there hasn't even been time for any plans to get hung up on some snag or other, and they're already wringing their hands in mock sadness about how Liverpool and Everton might have to share a park, too bad so sad, let's go and have a single malt and cackle.

Meanwhile down to the south, Tottenham's getting to the point they'll need a new ground, so perhaps they'll want to start talking about how they should shack up with Arsenal? After all, Wenger's lads have had to take on a fair amount of debt to finance the new ground, and that's limited them in the transfer market recently. If Arsenal and Tottenham share the Emirates it might help secure 'arry's boys' hold on the top-four, and Arsenal's debt load would be cut so they could sign a few established stars and take a real run at the title. Hell, why not throw West Ham into the mix and make it a three-club party up in North London? That way everybody wins!

Yeah, I'll expect them to come out with that around five past never.

So thanks, TalkSport. Thanks for getting our ex-players to say premature and mildly bothersome things to try and bring us down right when we have cause to be ever so cautiously optimistic. And if there's one thing I really hate about the "journalism" from outlets like theirs it's that: bringing out former Reds to say things they know most fans and supporters really won't like, and by doing so attempting to tarnish the past just to sell a few more advertisements.

At least it reminds me that if I ever find myself agreeing with the latest TalkSport narrative it's probably time to adjust my outlook.

In the department of less annoying news, Ed will be along in a bit to give you a run-down on the upcoming internationals. If you need something to do in the meantime you could always occupy your senses with best post-rock exploration of the soundscapes of Ennio Morricone that Sergio Leone and the desert of Almeria helped bring to fame. Repeat as necessary and Ed will be by to save you from my ramblings in no time.

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