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More Bad News on the Pitch for Liverpool

Goodmorning, Anfield. Yesterday (before I went and tried to set the record for world's longest blog post) I said that internationals meant two weeks without bad news on the pitch to look forward to for LFC followers. Turns out I lied.

Tonight at 7PM GMT (2PM EST) the Liverpool Reserves take on the West Ham Reserves, and if you're helping to line Hicks and Gillett's pockets by being signed up to LFV TV it means you get to watch Daniel Agger and Lucas Leiva play a bit of football again. So what's the bad news? Well, as nine out of ten of you have sussed out right quick, it's a continuing reminder of, A: Poulsen being a big, big part of Roy's big, big plans; and, B: Agger remaining in the doghouse for having the nerve to want to play a technical, passing game from the back.

It's almost enough to make you start to dread a really big January transfer window. For outgoings, at least. As for the picture below, it's what you get on the official website when you search for news stories. Perhaps there are clues hidden elsewhere to help narrow down who the most likely candidates for shipping out are if big changes don't happen soon. So, who's up for a snipe hunt?


That's it for me today, but Ed'll be around a little later to help make your lives just that little bit brighter.

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