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Roy Puts Foot in Mouth Again, News at 11

be quiet

"We have got a lot more expensive failures on our list than good players that we have brought in for next to nothing."

Just when you thought that Hodgson might make it through the week without sticking his foot in his mouth, he goes and says something daft. Turns out he's just not happy if he's not throwing his players under the bus. Unless he's taking about Poulsen. Or maybe Konchesky, since he cost the club four million pounds plus three youngsters worth at least that much, and probably more. I wouldn't mind so much if it was them he was throwing under the bus, preferably right before he leapt after them

Knowing our boy Roy, though, he's probably thinking of the latter being amongst those "good players brought in for next to nothing." I mean, he only invested a net of eight million plus pounds in an older and thoroughly average fullback. That has to count as smart business, right? Definitely.

It must be expensive internationals like Agger and Johnson who are under-preforming for him because he doesn't have a clue how to use them that are the failures. Because he has thirty-five years experience and can do no wrong.

It's all a part of more defeatist talk about needing to rebuild a squad largely responsible for that run to second two years back, and with it Hodgson just keeps showing those vaunted man management skills the press is always talking about. Right before they start talking about what a nice man he is as he snaps at another reporter. Meanwhile, after last week's good showing, he spends the rest of his press conference talking down expectations for the Bolton match. He also takes pains to explain that the biggest probable with worrying about matches in Europe is that it doesn't give you a full week to spend drilling the squad in what you want them to do.

So, no time to prepare equals the effort against Blackburn. And lots of time to prepare equals... Everton? I'm so confused. And scared. And also kinda angry at him again after a week when he faded into the background, out of sight and out of mind almost. That good result and a week of him not saying much had almost started to make me feel guilty about wanting him out so badly. Then he had to go and open his mouth.


Righteo. For those who didn't check out the last thread's comments, Galahad passed along John Henry's response to the media getting all pissy that their precious Roy might not get a gajillion dollar transfer budget in January; Grubb passed along a deconstruction of a bit of horribly lazy "journalism" that completely ignored that NESV owns the Red Sox in order to argue that NESV would run Liverpool as though they were the Oakland Athletics; and there was talk about how we may have dodged a bullet when Kenny Huang backed out of buying the club back in the summer.

Elsewhere, Guillem Balague says the Torres and Reina rumours were, as expected, complete bullshit, though the Times does some really fucked up things when I try to get to the actual article--mostly in that it won't actually let me navigate to the article--so I can only link to his twattering that links to his article. Perhaps you'll have more luck than I.

And finally--finally--we're starting to see a bit of pushback in the press about the idea that it's all big bad Rafa's fault and that Saint Hodgson can do no wrong. I don't agree with all the author's points, which isn't surprising since he apparently thought far less of Benitez than I did, but it is perhaps more noteworthy for the fact that somebody who wasn't pro-Rafa in the least is the one taking a few shots at the lazy and self-serving narrative being offered up by much of the London media.

Ed returns tomorrow--and not a moment too soon--so I'll see all y'all in the comment sections until next week.

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