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Blog Pollin': Defensive Pairing Edition

While I try to figure out if 90% of the five people who stop by here regularly live in Australia, how about a poll to gauge the mood of those five regular visitors? Sounds like a good idea? No? You're saying it sounds like a shite idea?

Well, that's nice of you. I always do appreciate constructive criticism. Well, sure, I know, but it'll have to do.

Anyhow, if you'll let me finish, last week's poll saw a whopping 95.88% of LFC Offside readers saying they wanted somebody other than Roy Hodgson managing the club. Aiming to get Rafa back eventually was a narrow winner over the People's Republic of Pellegrini by 28.09-26.59%, followed by respectable showings for Kenny and Rijkaard.

This week, then, the question is which center back pairing you'd like to see in the immediate future. For many, it's always been about calling for Skrtel and Agger as the two to take us into the future, and there will always be some Carragher loyalists out there. But we're not asking about next year, and in light of recent form might Sotirios Kyrgiakos deserve a bit of love? And should Agger be thrust back into the limelight in spite of a probable lack of match fitness?

So, what's your preferred pairing for the immediate future?

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