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Tuesday Links and Such

garden gnome maradona

WWGGMD?* He'd drink bourbon, eat bacon, and
surf the Liverpool Offside. And play with himself.

To help get you through a morning of bacon, bourbon, and surfing the internets while rocking out to Mastodon, here's what's been popping up and around and about in the wake of Sunday's match against Blackburn:

* I referenced it in yesterday's piece on the bizarre and sudden change in tactics for the match, and it came up a few times in the comment section, so here's Roy Hodgson's post-match presser in full, including video because reading word-like objects and chugging a fifth at eight in the morning can be difficult. For those with linkophopbia, a sampler seems in order:

"We made it clear to everyone: this is our game, we're going to take it to you, we're going to make certain we put you under pressure, we're going to be quick to pressurise when we lose the ball."

I think I speak for everybody when I say that we all wish that had been our game throughout the first two months. And if that doesn't in fact speak for you, dear reader, just send me your credit card details and I'll send you a full apology right quick. From Spain**.

* Pepe Reina, speaking after the match, rightly made it a point to blame Torres' struggles so far this term on a lack of service and support.

It still puzzles that people paid to interpret and comment on the game of football have so little understanding of how it actually works, but it's good to see Reina being his typically well informed, voice of reason-providing self and saying things for the rest of us to nod along with. Also discussed in the linked Guardian piece are the first meetings between NESV and Liverpool city council to start working through the stadium issues.

* Elsewhere, the BBC's Dan Roan looks at a behind the scenes player from the NESV takeover, as back room details start to leak out. As much as it's interesting to hear a bit about some third party players like this story's Philip Hall and how things went down from where they were standing, when you learn that he was also responsible for bringing in the last set of owners you could be forgiven for reacting with a small "Hmmm..." or a slapstick "WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA???????" Or something in-between. Depending on how dramatic you're feeling.

* Finally, in the "How to tell if a website is full of shit" department, two prominent transfer-monger sites--one that rhymes with, the other that rhymes with... um... let's say ribal root rall? Dot com? Anyhow, some places are saying Mister Ferguson's gonna buy up Reina in January. Which is pretty much a sign that you should never believe anything certain sites say, even on the occasions when they say things you like the sound of. Which wouldn't be this occasion.

Anywho, enjoy your morning. And as a change of pace, enjoy some metal with it. Sort of.

Oh, and today's attempt to shanghai puzzled Googlers is "Google is evil and plotting to kill you in your sleep." Because that hasn't yet been proven to be not true.

*What Would Garden Gnome Maradona Do?
**Thanks in advance!

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