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Maybe Europe Shouldn't have a European Season

A few random bits of news today, including the potential for a seventh day of rest (Bible reference, get it?) and confirmation about a couple of departures.

As far as the club goes, the biggest news of the day is the potential for Sunday's fixture with Spurs to be postponed due to weather. There's no concerns about the pitch, but the area around the stadium might be dangerous for fans to traverse. Obviously we saw all the midweek ties, including both Carling Cup semi-finals, postponed, so this can't be a complete surprise. Fulham have already postponed their home match with Portsmouth, and I doubt these two would be the only ones. Who knew Wisconsin and England have the same weather system?

Speaking of which, the weather has played a part in delaying transfer business, but both Andriy Voronin and Andrea Dossena are prepared for an exit, with the former heading to Dynamo Moscow and the latter moving to Napoli. You know, shit can still get done when it's snowing. It doesn't all have to be like Seattle or Texas, where when it snows a few inches people start looting. No word yet if Dynamo's rigorous training program includes stateside beach romps. I can't say I'll miss either of these two. Voronin's biggest contribution to the club was the thumper he hit against Toulouse a couple years back in the Champions League qualifier. And Dossena was able to notch a couple against United and Real Madrid in March of last year, but it's not like goals were exactly at a premium during that run. Still, I wish them both well, hopefully they both get the playing time they're looking for.

In the above link Rafa also comments on the Ryan Babel-Birmingham situation:

"We have received some offers but the player was clear the other day when he told me he wants to stay.

"We have to wait. I was not telling him he could go, just that we were receiving offers because he's a good player. That's the situation at this moment.

"At this moment everyone knows Ryan has the potential and he can improve."

If it's simply a matter of improved performances, I guess you can expect to continue to see him start less-than important matches (of which there aren't many left) and come off the bench to mediocre impact in others. He'd actually be a decent option out wide right now--he's probably the one of the paciest players on the squad, and clearly has little on his mind other than attacking. Unfortunately sometimes this attacking ends in him being dispossessed forty yards out after trying the same cut-back, arm-flail move for the eighth time in ten minutes. Ah, potential.

Rafa has also commented on the Maxi Rodriguez deal, stating that the clubs are working towards an agreement. Nothing to do but wait apparently.

Not much else for the early morning freeze, back later on should any more news be released.

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